Acoustic Slat Wall Panel - DARK OAK - 240cm x 60cm

Sale price£100.00

  • MDF
  • Three Sided wood veneer slats
  • Slat size - 28mm x 15mm
  • Black acoustic felt backing
  • 2400mm x 600mm
  • 6 colours available

Discover the art of harmonising style and serenity with our Dark Oak Acoustic Wall Panel. This captivating wall panel offers more than just visual allure – it's a testament to the perfect balance of aesthetics and acoustics.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the three-sided wood veneer slats and black felt backing combine to create a striking statement piece. Experience the soothing effect of reduced echo and improved sound quality in your home office, entertainment area, or any room of your choice. Embrace the beauty of nature and exceptional craftsmanship with our Dark Oak Acoustic Wall Panel.