Property Staging


Everyone is looking for easy, low maintenance living. Fixing, decluttering and cleaning are all part of the staging process. Anyone selling a property with leaking taps, broken light bulbs, overgrown gardens and sticking doors should realise that buyers will assume this as the tip of the DIY iceberg and lower their offer (if they offer at all).

But do you have the time (and energy) to do this work yourself. You may be ready to move onto the next stage in your life but is your current property holding you back.

Home staging is becoming increasingly popular as more and more agents and home owners are understanding the value of staging. It's harder for empty or unstaged properties to get a good sale. We seem to be moving in the direction of America and Australia where home owners have been staging their properties as part of a strategic marketing process for years. They wouldn’t dream of putting an empty or unstaged property on the market.




Who can we help

Are you a developer or investor with a multi-unit project? Or maybe a landlord or private owner with a single property to sell or let? Do you have an ex-rental or probate property that needs attention or a new build show home to dress? Or are you a sales or letting agent looking to work in partnership with expert home staging service providers to help produce the best outcomes for your clients’ properties. If you are any of these, then our property staging services are for you.

Homeowners / Probate properties

We know everyone leads busy lives and the process of selling and moving home can be a traumatic and stressful one. We can advise on how to achieve the best possible price for your property, providing practical help with decluttering, accessorising and furniture placement.

Selling a probate property can be a complicated and stressful experience.  We can help smooth the way to achieving the best and speediest sale by sorting, removing and donating unwanted items, cleaning inside and out, tidying gardens, adding a lick of paint if required and staging and styling to help viewers see the property’s true potential..

Landlords / Holiday Let Owners

Some ex rental properties can be left looking tired, unloved and unappealing to prospective buyers. We offer a range of services to meet the needs of long term rental or holiday let properties, such as removal of unwanted furniture, decorators and cleaners all on hand to carry out the necessary works to maximise the rental potential.

A tenant looking to rent can be equally as selective as a homeowner looking to buy.  Staging properties to let has resulted in increased rental yields, longer tenancies and fewer rent free periods, with tenants taking better care of their homes as a result.

Estate Agents

We work closely in partnership with estate agents as an arms length service, providing cost effective solutions to reach the highest possible return on their clients’ investments. Agents can offer our services as an additional tool in their tool box, showing vendors they are willing to think dynamically and creatively to achieve the very best results for them and their properties.

3 Reasons why Property Staging Works


Its easier for buyers to see a staged home as a potential future home


Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes


Staged homes usually sell for more money than non-staged homes

Why does home staging make such a difference

The psychology behind home buying is very simple. The more we can to see ourselves living in a property, the more we are willing to pay for it. It starts very early on in the marketing process. The more aspirational the photos look on line, the more potential buyers will want to view it, the higher the number of viewings, the more the interest and the higher the eventual sale price.

Better Return on Investment

It is very hard for viewers to imagine a property’s true potential unless they see it in the flesh (so to speak). We all think we can imagine what an empty property would look like furnished or what a cluttered room would look like without the clutter but, actually, we can’t. Research has shown that 97% can’t imagine what we don’t see with our own eyes. So the best way of getting a higher price for our sale is by presenting it to show the property’s true potential.

Homes sell faster

Empty rooms look smaller than furnished ones. Of course, I’m not talking about rooms crammed to the rafters but with carefully selected and positioned furniture and accessories.  Typically viewers question whether a double bed will fit or if their furniture will fit into open plan living spaces. Staging not only shows viewers that the furniture will fit but gives practical ideas on how open plan spaces can be used.