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What runs through a designers head when they first enter a room

Words like creativity and flair spring to mind - but it may surprise you to find there is a degree of science involved. Design principles and 'informal rules' need to be followed, and keeping them balanced is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior.

An Interior Designer will use the following elements to disguise or enhance the various features and flaws of the space.


The available 'space' usually can't be changed (unless budget allows) so the designer will need to work within the physical boundaries of the room. Different design styles will lend themselves to the different uses of space, for example a minimalist design will have more negative space (less furniture) then your average eclectic design.


Horizontal lines such as tables give a sense of stability and can make a room appear wider and longer and draw the eye to a given focal point. Vertical lines such as windows and doorways give the illusion of height, whilst dynamic lines refer to diagonal or curved lines such as stairways and will stimulate the eye.


Form is the proportions and scale of the room compared to the furniture within it. Adding similar shaped pieces will create harmony and balance whilst adding too many different shapes will have a confusing result. A room is typically more pleasing to the eye if the dominant form is repeated in the larger scale furniture and the opposite used in the accessories.


Whether it's natural or not light is a crucial aspect of any room. Beyond its functional purpose, light has the ability to set the mood and atmosphere of a room while defining colour, line and texture.


Colour is a science all on its own and has the ability to create a mood or vibe and alter the perception of how large or small a space is.


Texture refers to the tactile surface or finish of an object and can quite often be overlooked. In essence, texture gives a room feeling.


Used in elements such as wallpapers, soft furnishings, rugs etc, when paired with colour, pattern can add appeal and bring a room to life.

Are you stuck in a design rut??

From work to fashion to home decor, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.

Knowing what to get and where to get it is half the battle, but we’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

You could be planning a complete room makeover but struggling to settle on a style. You might be in the market for a new sofa and wanting to compare colours and materials. Or perhaps it’s the finishing touches; prints, throws and accessories can make all the difference.

You can pop into our showroom where we can discuss options available, or better still book a home consultation and we will come out to you. This will give us a chance to see the room in question, take measurements, look at any issues and put together a design package.

The home consultation would last for approx 1 hour and costs £200 which is then redeemable against any products bought through ourselves. Don't forget we can offer huge savings as we are able to buy at trade prices.

Get in touch with us using the form below outlining what you need help with and we can take it from there.