Neutrals - how to get paler tones right

Neutral colour tones

Instead of leaning towards pale yellows, greens or greys, "new neutrals" are inspired by nature and are more flexible and so have the ability to suit any home, traditional or contemporary.

Providing the flexibility to personalise your home with layers of other neutral shades or accent colours, neutral hues are an excellent base for many interior styles. Explore some of our popular neutrals here, and find the right ones for your home.

new neutrals

When working with neutrals its best to stay clear of stark white walls. White walls work best in a gallery as they create a blank canvas for any art work to be placed upon it. In a living space you need a touch of colour to add depth and reflect light around the room and add a feeling or calm and relaxation. 

Warm neutral hues create inviting interior spaces. When they’re toasty and packed full of yellow, brown and orange undertones, they invoke a sense of cosiness and comfort you'll love to live in.

Cool-toned neutral hues create simple, classic foundations for you to add your personal style. The blueish, grey and sometimes green, undertones give them a sense of sophistication, perfect for layering decadently.

Favouring neutral colour schemes will create a spring board from which your furniture and art pieces will stand out from. Building tactile surfaces, introducing patterned textiles will create layers of interest whilst still allowing all the room elements to work together.

layering neutral tones and textures

Its easy to add pops of colour in your neutral environment to inject your own personality in your own space

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