Annalise Reece - Who Is She !!!

Annalise Reece - Who Is She !!!

Even though I do get people calling me Annalise (nope sorry its Amanda), and Chris regularly gets "Mr Reece" on the phone (wrong also) we thought we would dip into the world of blogging with an introduction into who we are with some mildly interesting, mostly irrelevant facts about us which may make you wish you had switched off earlier

  1. The name Annalise Reece comes from the middle names of our oldest 2 children (we have 4 in total)
  2. Chris is from the West of Ireland so wont do any speaking on Instagram stories as he thinks no one will understand him
  3. Sometimes I don't understand him and just nod along
  4. We saw a gap in the market for designer sofas but without the designer price tags after we spent ages trying to source our own
  5. We realised that with our extensive background in retail and with the contacts that we had built up in this industry we would put this to use to source quality sofas at decent prices
  6. Chris (not a lover of shopping at the best of times) said "surely there must be somewhere that sells quality sofas at a decent price"
  7. I said "say that again but a bit slower"
  8. We started this business from our dining room table in 2014 with a vision of running it from home (how delusional were we)
  9. We started in a tiny photography studio with the aim of selling everything online but quickly outgrew this with our 1st 4 sofas
  10. After celebrating our 1st online sale, the sofa had to be returned when we described a right hand facing chaise sofa as being left hand facing
  11. It was a costly mistake and one we haven't made again since
  12. We moved into our next unit which was approx 1000 sq ft and said "if we ever fill this place then we have too much stock"
  13. 3 months later we moved into our warehouse which was 5000 sq ft
  14. We opened our 1st bricks and mortar store in South Manchester in July 2017
  15. Just before we took on the shop we decided to up sticks and move out to the country (new house, new schools, new shop = moderate stress levels to say the least)
  16. We expanded the shop when the studio next door became available and have since grew our accessories range to complement the sofas
  17. I love all things interiors and believe you should follow your own instincts rather than follow trends
  18. My love of plants is slowly taking over and now Chris doesn't know if he's sat in the living room or garden 
  19. We regularly sell sofas to production companies including Netflix and still crack up when we see our sofas on TV knowing we have sat on them too
  20. I absolutely love what I do and still wake up some mornings thinking someone is going to tell me to "go get a real job"
  21. We still feel honoured when customers say they have been recommended to us or have travelled from different parts of the country to see us 
  22. Our answer to any negativity in life is usually the middle finger
  23. We hope you have enjoyed our 1st bog and continue this journey with us.


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